Gratitude Challenge Day 2

Welcome Back! 

If you haven’t had a chance to start the challenge you can find Day 1 here.

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I hope that yesterday’s prompts made you happy and got you excited for future prompts! I personally had a little trouble with prompt #4 today. For me, a song that brings me joy really depends upon my mood at that specific moment. But when I was filling out today’s prompts I was thinking of my grandfather, as I often do this time of year (or, if I’m being honest..any day haha)
I’d love to hear how you did with today’s prompts! I always have mine posted on our Instagram story as well as our Facebook story. You’re more than welcome to do the same; you can tag us on social media and use the hashtag #CCGRATITUDE.

If you’d rather not share your answers you can also print this page & fill it out or write the prompts down in a journal!

Gratitude Challenge Day 2

  1. Something that brought me joy today
  2. Favorite drink
  3. My favorite scent
  4. A song that makes my day better

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