Gratitude Challenge Day 3

We are 3 days in! Woo!

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If you missed just yesterday’s post you can find that one here.

So for today’s prompts I personally struggled with number 3. I’m not very good at giving myself a pat on the back or acknowledge my own accomplishments. I think it’s really good though to recognize the good things that we have done. There is nothing wrong with stepping back and saying “hey, I did a good job”.

Today’s prompts are below; if you’d like to see my answers you can find them on our Instagram story and/or our Facebook story. You can post them on your story too! Tag us and use the hashtag #CCGRATITUDE so I can follow along!

If you’d rather keep your answers to yourself, that’s okay too! You can print this page and fill it out or you can write the prompts out in your journal.

Gratitude Challenge Day 3

  1. Something that brought joy to me today
  2. Something that makes me smile daily
  3. An accomplishment I’m really proud of
  4. Something I love about where I live

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