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About Us

Starting a blog and selling some of our crafts has always been something my family and I have wished to do for years now. Dennis, (my father) is the brains behind every wood craft that is sold on our Etsy page. He draws, cuts, and paints everything by hand. So every one of his wood crafts has been carefully designed with a steady hand and lots of patience! Another member of our team is my mother Lisa. Lisa is currently working on something exciting for our shop so none of her creations have been posted as of yet. However, Lisa is the boss of the business! In other words, she oversees everything from the start of a design to clicking the “post” button on our Etsy page; if it weren’t for her I think Dennis and I would be a little lost! I design all of the jewelry on our page, everything you see has been the result of hours in the craft store or on a crafting website and even more time carefully choosing color schemes and putting things together. Our heart and soul is in this business and that is why we want to share it and our lives through this blog!
Another member of our team is my older sister Jessica, she has down syndrome and is a big part of our family. None of her creations have been posted yet but Lisa is also working hard with Jessica on some cool projects that will be appearing soon!

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