Cleaning Caddy

I love my cleaning caddy; it’s like my best friend when cleaning.

So what is a cleaning caddy and why do you need to have one?

Well for starters you need the caddy itself. This is basically something that you can keep your cleaning supplies in and carry around with you. This could be a bucket, a basket, a bin, a shower caddy- anything that will be easy for you to carry and will hold your cleaning supplies. It also helps to have something that you can wipe out if a product leaks.

I got mine from the dollar store but you can use whatever you’d like; pick something that will be easy for you to handle and to store away.

I have one of these green baskets.

Now that you have your container you want to go through all of your cleaning products and set aside all the ones you use regularly around the house. These would be like your window cleaner, multi-purpose cleaner, dusting spray, things like that. Those all go in your cleaning caddy.

Now you want to put your scrubbers, rags, and sponges in your bin and gloves if you use them. I personally use rags that are labeled with the name of what they clean on them but you can also just had a rag/sponge designated specifically to a certain cleaner. So, the blue rag is for dusting, the red rag is for the counter tops, etc.

You’re all set!


August Glam Bag Review

For August Ipsy designed three types of Glam Bags.

They were: Peace, Love, Lipstick, Wild & Free, and Good Vibes Only.

We received Wild & Free.

What was in our bag:

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Ginger + Gold by Seraphine Botanicals

What is it?  A powder blush with ginger and chamomile extracts to provide extra shimmer.

Why I love it:  I think this blush is great because it adds a nice amount of gold shimmer to my cheeks. It isn’t a dark or overpowering color and works well with our without foundation. Sometimes I prefer to go without foundation and just add a little blush, eyeliner, and mascara before running out to the store. This adds just the right amount of color without appearing overwhelming-it makes you glow! It’s also light and goes on smoothly so there’s no need to worry about it being cakey or thick.

PS: This also makes a great eye shadow!

Romantic Rose Blending Brush by Glamour Dolls

What is it? A blending brush with a soft, rounded tip.

   Why I love it: Unfortunately I cannot offer a lot of opinion on makeup brushes. I get these a lot from Ipsy and also got them a lot from Birchbox. While I use all of the ones I receive my main concern with a makeup brush is the softness, if the bristles stay in the brush, and how well it applies makeup. So by those standards I believe this is a really good brush.

When using it the bristles don’t fall out and they’re soft on my sensitive skin. I think the packaging is cute and I like that the bristles are white and pink.


theBalm Voyage Vol. 2 Eyeshadow in Willkommen by theBalm Cosmetics

What is it?  theBalm’s eyeshadows are triple-pigmented and made with anti-aging ingredients so this eyeshadow naturally follows suit; this is a great caramel shade that looks really good with brown eyes. It isn’t too dark nor is it too heavy on the eyes.

Why I love it:  I LOVE theBalm cosmetics! I get so excited when I see that I’m getting one of their products in an upcoming Ipsy bag! All of their eyeshadows are pigmented just right so it doesn’t take numerous applications to obtain the desired color (which means these little samples also last a long time). Another great thing about theBalm cosmetics (and this eyeshadow) is that you don’t have to keep reapplying your eyeshadow throughout the day. I put it on in the morning and don’t have to worry about packing it in my purse to reapply throughout the work day. The less in my purse is always a plus!


Nourishing Coconut Milk Face Lotion with Hibiscus by Promise Organic

What is it?  A night and day moisturizing lotion designed to condition skin while improving it’s texture and reducing the appearance of fine lines.

Why I love it:  I admit, I personally didn’t try this. Lisa did and she loves it. She said she uses it all the time and it’s really improved her skin and makes her skin feel great. I didn’t try it because the smell of coconut actually makes me extremely nauseous and I didn’t want to risk having that scent on my face all day when I couldn’t wash it off haha.

Ipsy’s group of dermatologists tests this lotion and proved that it won’t irritate skin. It isn’t super thick and doesn’t make skin oily throughout the day or night.


EXCESSIVE LASH Arresting Volume Mascara by MAKE UP FOR EVER

What is it? The mascara wand is made up of two types of fibers: hard and soft. The idea behind this is that it’s supposed to help you put layers of the mascara on and make the lashes look like they have more volume and more length.

Why I love it: So, Lisa has been using this mascara more than myself. I tried it and while I didn’t dislike it I wouldn’t say that I also loved it. My main issue was that it flaked off and got in my contacts by the end of a long day. However, Lisa felt that it went on really well and made her lashes appear more noticeable and had more volume. So I think that this is a good mascara but as with all mascara’s I think it really depends on your personal preference, how thick/thin, long/short your lashes already are and how much you apply. I have thicker blonde lashes that are close together so applying a mascara with a wand like this I actually struggle because I get a lot of clumping but for someone like Lisa who has fewer, shorter, and thinner lashes this works wonders! So before buying this mascara I would just pay attention to your own personal preferences and needs.

Clean With Me

Hey guys!

So, I have a confession; I hate cleaning.

Okay, that isn’t really a confession I guess because I can’t think of many people who truly love to clean. But putting my hatred aside my real confession is that I love YouTube clean with me videos. I don’t know what it is about watching someone else clean but it gets me really pumped to do my own cleaning.

I could watch various YouTubers clean for hours on end without getting bored. But while this gets me pumped up to tackle my entire cleaning list and not stop until I drop (pshhhh) sometimes I get so engulfed in these videos that, *sigh* I end up losing track of time and getting no cleaning done at all.

So throughout the last few years I have tested various techniques to keep my space clean, to be motivated to clean, and to create an effective and useful cleaning schedule. The majority of these things have failed immensely and a few have really stuck with me and I have worked to improve upon them and set small goals for myself along the way.

SO I have decided to write a mini cleaning series for you guys. I want to share with you some of my favorite products, tips, tricks, and routines that I have found to be effective. My hope is that this helps you to avoid the struggles I’ve put myself through.


So, for this first post I’d like to share my top 10 cleaning tips.

  1. Make A Cleaning Caddy.

    This is a great time of year to get a “cleaning caddy” for yourself. Some people use a dorm room shower caddy (which can be found in most stores right now as students prepare for college), a basket, a bucket…whatever works for you.

    I have used all of these and for me personally the most useful thing I have used was actually a plastic bin from the dollar store. The holes in the sides help to vent the cleaning rags so they don’t get smelly (which I feel is a big pro) and there’s a lot of room to keep everything I need.

    In your caddy you’ll want to make sure you have all the cleaning products you use on a regular basis. This helps when you’re going room to room- it’s all there and you don’t have to juggle your supplies in your arms or have to run around trying to find the one you need.
    In a future post I’ll talk about my own cleaning caddy essentials.

  1. Try To Set A Cleaning Schedule.

    You don’t have to drive yourself nuts sticking to it but it really helps to kind of break up your chores throughout the week so you don’t stress or feel overwhelmed by the amount of work you have staring back at you.

  2. Make Your Bed Every Day.

    I know, I know, your parents probably told you this growing up and it drove you nuts (or maybe that was just me?). But for me, no matter how messy my room is, just having the bed made helps me to think clearer and to feel like I’ve got my life/room somewhat together. It’s such a small thing and only take a few minutes but it really helps me keep a clear head and start the day out better.

  3. Straighten Up As You Go.

    I still struggle with this one but it’s probably one of the best tips I’ve ever been given. Basically, the idea is that whenever you leave a room you take the things that belong in the room you’re going to with you. So when I’m in the living room and heading to my bedroom if I have my phone charger, laptop, etc in the living room (and I don’t need them anymore) I take them with me to my bedroom and put them away right away.
    This lessens the amount of clutter build up and lessens the chance of me having a panic attack when I go to do work the next day and can’t find my laptop.
    Everything has its place and everything is in its place.

  4. Involve The Kids.

    I have a whole post coming up about chore charts/responsibility charts to help teach kids responsibility from the start. When I was younger my sister and I helped mop, vacuum, made our beds, and were responsible for putting toys away. As we got older we were given other chores to help out such as doing the dishes or taking the trash out. It lowered my parents stress levels because it took some of the household stress off their backs and taught my sister and I responsibility and we felt like we were contributing to the family.

  5. Try To “Clean As You Go”

    This is different than the concept of “straighten up as you go” because what you’re doing is cleaning up after yourself right away.
    Basically the idea is to “make your mess less” so when you get ready in the morning you could wipe down the mirror and sink when you’re done so you won’t have to scrub it like a maniac when it’s time to clean it. Or so that if you have unexpected company you know you’re bathroom is decent.
    Another idea is to have a shower spray on hand that when you’re done showering you can spray your shower walls and such down and it will help to prevent mildew and stains from appearing. I’ll go into more detail on bathroom cleaning in a future post!
    Another idea is to wipe down your kitchen counters and stove each night when you’re done eating and doing the dishes. Things like this just prevent you from having to do a deep and aggravating scrub in the future!

  6. Get A Room/Linen Spray.

    Do this. We have 2 dogs and 3 cats and try as we might sometimes we think our house smells like our adorable stinky beagles. We use air fresheners and carpet freshener but we still sometimes feel like our house smells like the pets. So one of the easiest things to do is use a linen/room spray.
    You can get these at a store like Bed, Bath, and Beyond or at a local fragrance bar. We actually have two local stores that we buy our linen sprays from and they are amazing!
    We go to Stinkleberry Soap Co. and Paisley and Company (LINKS). I’ll also have a future post about making your own linen/room spray so stay tuned for that!

  7. Do A Power Hour Once In A While!

    Power Hours are amazing and I take some time maybe once a week to do one; I get SO much done! There’s a whole post coming soon about Power Hours and how to make the best out of them and use your hour to its fullest but for now you just need to know that it’s great and it’s an hour of uninterrupted cleaning time!

  8. Make It Fun!

    Use music, put on comfy clothes (those crazy patterned leggings you bought on a whim and now are unsure about wearing in public – again, is this just me?), put on a TV show that you like, anything that makes it fun but doesn’t distract you.



**None of the posts in this series are sponsored. Everything is my own personal opinion or from personal experience.**

25 Mother’s Day Gift Idea’s

So I don’t know about you guys but May has been super busy for me ( I know, it’s only been a few days); my planner looks like a small child just scribbled all over the last few days! With how hectic the month of May can be for many of us- graduations, kids coming home from college, finals, preparing for summer etc –  I want to make sure that we don’t forget about Mother’s Day. No matter how busy we are we need to take some time to celebrate our Mother’s and show them how grateful we are for all that they’ve done for us.

I’ve compiled a list of handmade, ready-to-ship, Mother’s Day gifts from Etsy that I personally feel would be amazing gifts for moms and are things that I would give my own mother.
Each of these items is handmade with love and care which I think makes the gift extra special!

So, check out the items I’ve listed below – the link to the items listing can be found directly beneath the picture of the item. Show these wonderful crafters some love!

** It’s important to note that when you’re ordering an item not all of these items ship from your own country and may take longer to arrive.

Handmade Ready-to-Ship Mother’s Day Gifts

Mothers day wreath
Blue and White Hydrangea Wreath
  • Ships from US
  • Limited Quality so if you’re interested order now!
  • $65.00
mom thank you sign
Mom Thank You Wood Sign
  • Ships from US
  • Size: 5x7x2
  • Handpainted and Sealed
  • $11.00
Breast Cancer Wreath
  • Ships from US
  • Celebrate your mother’s strength!
  • $60.00
lipstick mothers day
All Natural Mineral Lipstick
  • All natural ingredients
  • 5 colors to choose from
  • $3.02
Name mug
Mom’s Name Mug
  • Ships from US
  • Personalize to your mom’s name or nickname
  • $15.00
Adult Painting Coloring Canvas
  • Ships from US
  • Fun gift for mom
  • $25.00
wallet for mom
Southwestern Wallet Wristlet
  • Ships from US
  • Removable Wrist Strap
  • Twist lock closure
  • $43.00
clay face masks
Set of 3 Clay Face Masks
  • Ships from US
  • 3 2oz jars
  • Snow Moon Green Mask: french green clay, aloe vera, matcha green tea, spirulina, and cedar wood essential oil. Detoxifying
  • Super Moon Face Mask: Moroccan red clay, hibiscus powder, rose hips powder, beetroot powder. Helps with acne, blackheads, rosacea, age spots, and fine wrinkles.
  • New Moon Face Mask: Roman chamomile and lavender oils, bentonite clay, activated charcoal, hibiscus powder, matcha green tea powder. Helps to purifying and tone skin, draws out toxins, bacteria, and free radicals, relieves skin irritants, and lightens blemishes.
  • $31.00
swarovski heart necklace
Swarovski Heart Necklace
  • Silver-plated Swarovski Heart Pendant
  • Ships from UK
  • $8.02
infinity scarf
Hand-Knit Multicolor Infinity Scarf
  • Hand-Knit
  • Ships from Ukraine
  • 25% wool 75% acrylic
  • 32 inches long 4 inches wide
  • $30.00
bath soak
Rose and Orange Bath Soak
  • Ships from US
  • Contains Epsom and pink Himalayan salts for muscles and coconut milk for smooth skin, as well as oats to sooth sensitive skin.
  • $7.00 (4oz jar)
goats milk soap
Eucalyptus Mint Goats Milk Facial Cleansing Soap
  • Ships from US
  • Lathers nicely
  • Made with Goat’s Milk so that it keeps your body at it’s natural pH balance.
  • 3.5 oz bar
  • $5.50
I love mom bracelet
Personalized I love Mom Bracelet
  • Ships from US
  • Swarovski Elements Crystal, Sterling Silver, and Nappa Leather
  • $44.58
Slate Roof Handmade Birdhouse
  • Ships from US
  • Genuine Slate Roofing
  • Painted Free Hand
  • $30.00
super mom mug
Super Mom Ceramic Mug
  • Ships from US
  • Two-Sided
  • $13.99
cement coaster
Concrete Coasters
  • Ships from US
  • Sealed with semi-gloss waterproofing
  • $22.00
Mothers Day necklace
Personalized Mother’s Day Bar Necklace
  • Ships from US
  • 12 Character limit
  • $18.00
purse for mom
Waterproof Cross body Bag
  • Ships from UK
  • Adjustable Strap
  • 100% Cotton
  • $37.55
Green earrings2
Green Dangle Earrings
  • Ships from US
  • Hypoallergenic
  • $15.00
heart necklace fo rmom
Heart Necklace
  • Ships from US
  • Aluminum Heart
  • $23.00
bath bomb with earrings
Bath Bomb and Jewelry
  • Ships from US
  • Earrings inside bath bomb
  • $29.00
stress balls
Cat Lover Stressball
  • Ships from US
  • Can be customized
  • $17.00+
Enter a caption
  • Ships from US
  • Hand painted lettering
  • $24.00
mombie sign
Mombie Sign
  • Ships from US
  • Size: 12×8
  • $37.95
mom mug ceramic
Mom Ceramic Mug
  • Ships from US
  • 14 oz
  • Dishwasher and Microwave Safe
  • $22.00

Happy Shopping!

**I contacted each shop and received permission to share their item link and a photo**





Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep

Tips for better sleep post

I’ve recently been seeing a trend on my social media; people are struggling with sleep. I struggle with sleeping myself and I’ve been researching ways to help with sleep so I thought I’d share them with you guys.

  1. Turn Off Your Mind

I know, this can be really difficult. You had a rough day and you’ve got a lot on your mind; it’s really hard to wind down and let go of your day. But, studies have shown that clearing your mind before bed helps promote a good night’s sleep.
Some ways that you can clear your mind would be to color in and adult coloring book, read a little bit of something that won’t stress you out like a good book (I recommend trying to avoid news articles and things that may stress you out), listen to calming music, meditate.

  1. Watch What You Eat Before Bed

Some studies have shown that going to bed hungry actually has a negative effect on sleep as well going to bed overly full (or stuffed). You don’t want to eat “heavy” foods or large meals before bed because they put your digestive system into overdrive and this could cause you to lose sleep. It can also good to have your last snack at least an hour before your bed time so you’re not going to bed completely full.

Certain foods contain something called Tryptophan which is an amino acid that works with your body to produce Serotonin. Serotonin helps you sleep and helps in stabilizing mood. The food to be shown with one of the highest levels of tryptophan is turkey! Turkey has been shown to cause drowsiness; that explains the Thanksgiving sleepiness now!

Almonds are also good for sleep because they contain magnesium, this is because magnesium has a relaxing effect on the body.

Bedtime Snack Ideas

  • Turkey roll-ups: Take low-sodium nitrate-free turkey slices and roll them up with dill pickle slices or hummus- something for flavor that isn’t high in sodium. About 4 roll-ups should help aide in sleepiness!
  • Yogurt with cherries, granola, and/or nuts: yogurt contains vitamin D and calcium which will help you fall and stay asleep. Cherries and walnuts contain melatonin which also helps with sleep. Granola contains carbohydrates as well as tryptophan. Adding almonds is also a good idea, they contain magnesium which helps with relaxation and ultimately sleep.
  • English muffin with almond butter/peanut butter and banana slices: Again, almonds are high in magnesium which helps with sleep so this is why I recommend almond butter. However, using banana is just as good if you want to use regular peanut butter. Bananas are full of sleep-inducing carbohydrates and fat burning dietary fiber. They are also good for your heart!

Things to avoid before bed:

Nicotine and caffeine take a long time to work through the body (a few hours) and for many people the stimulating effects of these can prevent a quality night’s sleep or even prevent you from simply falling asleep.
Alcohol is another thing to try to avoid before bed. Alcohol has a drowsy affect for most people at first but as it works through your body it does the opposite and can disrupt your sleep later in the night.

  1. Watch What You Drink Before Bed

Many people (myself included) make late-night trips to the bathroom and by the time you get back to bed you may be too awake to fall right back to sleep.

A good tip is to try not to drink anything at least 2 hours before you go to bed. If you’re looking for something to drink before bed try cherry juice because cherries contain melatonin which will help regulate your sleep. Or try my personal favorite: Sleepy Time Tea it is caffeine free and contains chamomile, tilia flowers, valerian root, peppermint and lemongrass. All of these contain either some sort of calming effect or promote sleepiness. This is the brand that I prefer

  1. No Napping

I know, this is tough; especially when you didn’t sleep well the night before. This may seem obvious but the longer the nap the less likely you’ll sleep at night. So if you need to take a nap try to take it during midday and limit it to 30 minutes at most. If you do this closer to midday you’ll have the rest of the day to wear back down.

  1. Be Active!

Regular daily exercise has been shown to help people sleep better; just don’t do this right before bed because you’ll get a burst of energy from your workout.

If the only time you have to work out is at night try to do it 3-4 hours before your bedtime and if you’re going to be doing it closer to bedtime look into more “gentle” exercises like relaxing yoga.

Being in the light during the daytime and trying to obtain outdoor exercise helps to regulate your internal clock.

6. Turn Down The Lights

The blue glow that is emitted from screens such as your cell phone, television, and tablet can keep you awake this is one of the many reasons that pediatricians suggest that parents don’t allow their children to keep electronic devices in their bedrooms.

If you’re going to be using an electronic device you’ll want to see if it has a “night mode” or “night shift” setting that reduces the blue light and changes your screens temp to a warmer color.

iPhone’s have a “night shift” setting that can be found by swiping up on the bottom of your screen. You can also go to Setting >Display & Brightness >Night Shift. Here you can actually schedule when your phone automatically turns on night shift mode and how warm to set the color temp. It’s best to turn down the screen brightness and turn up the color temp. Personally I have mine set to automatically turn on at 10 pm,

If you have an android you can download an app called Night Mode which does the exact same thing as the iPhone’s Night Shift function.

I’ve also read that red lights help promote sleep. You can buy color changing light-bulbs  and alarm clocks.

  1. Let’s Make Some Noise!

Okay, let’s not; especially if you’re trying to sleep…bad idea.
Using a fan on low, an air conditioner, or a noise machine can help drown out the noise going on outside your home or, if you’re like my family…drown out the noise of three elephants (aka Bella, Chloe, and Cleo our cats) running up and down your hallways at night.

These would be considered white noise so you could also download a white noise app. Studies have shown that one of the best noises to fall asleep to (unless it wakes your bladder back up) is the sounds of a waterfall.

  1. Scents

Lavender oil has been shown to decrease heart rate and blood pressure which then puts your body in a relaxed state. Lavender has also been shown to help people who suffer from insomnia; it helps you fall asleep and stay asleep.

Using a lavender scented linen spray is a great way to get that lavender scent before bed time. I personally use this linen spray from Paisley and Company but you can also make your own DIY lavender spray using witch hazel and lavender oil. When I do this I add a little lemon oil to mine.

Using magnesium oil also helps to relax your body and mind; just add a few dabs to your skin and your body will absorb it.

Another idea if you don’t really want to dab oil onto your skin or don’t want to spray your sheets you can get a diffuser and add a few drops of the oils to water. This diffuser turns off automatically so you can turn it on when you go to bed at night.

We’ve been featured on a blog!

I’m so excited to announce that one of our items has been featured on a blog.

Beth over at My Handmade Finds contacted me through Etsy earlier this week to let me know that our sea turtle necklace would be in her latest blog post. There will be two parts to this post and we are featured in part one. If you’d like to read the post and see what other wonderful jewelry is featured you can find the post here!IMG_7996

A little information about our necklace: the sea turtle pendant is made of sterling silver and has small rhinestones around the shell; the pendant is on a 24 inch sterling silver chain (which can be made longer or shorter upon request). If you’re looking for other fun jewelry check out our Etsy Shop.