Gratitude Challenge Day 9

For today’s prompts I wanted to take time to take some time for us to reflect on ourselves a bit. It always seems to be difficult for people to give themselves a “congratulations” or a pat on the back; it’s just as difficult to not be our biggest critic & instead recognize our abilities & talents. 

If you’re just joining me on this challenge & you’d like to start from the beginning you can find the other posts here
If you only missed yesterday’s challenge you can find that one here. 

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You’re also more than welcome to share your answers on social media & use the hashtag #ccgratitude
If you’d prefer to keep your responses to yourself- that’s okay too! You can print this page or write your answers down in a journal!

So lets get into today’s prompts…

  1. Something that brought me joy today
  2. A tv show I always enjoy
  3. The most inspiring person I know
  4. My best talent

If you’d prefer to keep your responses to yourself, that’s okay! You can print this page or you can simply write your prompts down in a journal. 

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