Gratitude Challenge Day 8

Welcome to the gratitude challenge! If you’re just joining in on the fun you can check out all of the previous days here. 
If you only missed yesterday you can find that here.

Let’s get into today’s challenge!

Gratitude Challenge Day 8

  1. Something that brought me joy today
  2. A movie that makes me happy
  3. My favorite place to hang out with friends (tag it, if you can!)
  4. A person I’m grateful for

We’d love to have you join the Cherished Cottage family! You can find us on Facebook and Instagram .

You’re more than welcome to share your answers to your social media as well! I’d love it if you tagged us and used the hashtag #ccgratitude .

If you’d rather keep your answers to yourself you can write them down in a journal or print out this page or the image below! 

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