Last Minute Mother’s Day Must Haves

Did you know Mother’s Day is this coming weekend? I’m not sure if this is because last year we had 6 weeks between Easter & Mother’s day while this year we had 3 but it feels like time is flying & a lot of us are behind on the gift-buying phase.

Whatever the reason, I wanted to share some awesome last-minute Mother’s day gift ideas that are sure to make mom feel loved (and won’t look like last-minute rushed gifts) because she is, and she deserves it!

Have a Mother’s Day Brunch!

A lot of times it’s the thought that counts & giving mom a brunch is a sure way to show that you know your momma & you’ve put a lot of thought into her special day. I did this for my mom last year & she really enjoyed it.
You don’t have to go all out here & invited a hundred people & hire a caterer & rent a place and so forth. Make it simple & intimate.
My mom’s best friend doesn’t have any children of her own so I invited her over (you don’t have to be blood related to be loved like family and to be considered one of the family) & I set up some flower arrangements with some of my mom’s favorite foods. I got her scones from her favorite coffee shop, baked & cooked a few finger foods, set up a coffee/tea bar, and set out a few gifts. We spent the day laughing, eating, talking about mom, and enjoying our company. It was great!

For The Coffee/Tea Loving Mom

If you’re mom is a tea/coffee lover then a mug could be an awesome idea! Personally, I feel like I could never have too many mugs!
If you order this one by Tuesday evening (domestic orders) you can still get it in time for Mother’s Day!

Click photo to shop!

Want to Remind Mom of All the Reasons You Love Her?

These books are amazing gift ideas for literally anyone. You can buy them for grandparents, friends, loved ones, siblings, etc. so of course there’s one for mom!
If you have Amazon Prime you can order this with two day shipping.
These books are so awesome because they are filled with 100 fill-in-the-blank pages that can range from sentimental to hilarious.
For example, one of the prompts is: “I can’t live without your _______” and you can fill in the blank.

Click photo to shop!

Get Her a Gift Card

Just hear me out on this one, I know a lot of people try to avoid gift card buying because they feel it looks like a last-minute gift or that it was purchased because they didn’t have the time to get something else. But that doesn’t always have to be the case!
Does your mom like movies? Get her a gift card to the local movie theater!
Does your mom like a specific restaurant or coffee place? Get her a gift card!
Sit down & think of the things & places your mom truly enjoys and buy her a gift card for there. But wait, one more thing- make or write mom a really sweet card & tell her how you want to spend the day together doing something she loves. Tell her to pick the day & you’ll be there!
Quality time is one of the best gifts you can give!

Add a Little Something Extra

Already have the gift(s) but need that extra-special touch!? Add these pretty gift tags to your gifts! They are printable/downloadable so you don’t have to run to the store to buy them! Just print & cut!

Click photo to shop!
Click photo to shop!

Let us know what you think!

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