Hey guys!

I just wanted to take a moment to give you a heads up to a few exciting things coming up for Cherished Cottage!

We’re so excited to share with you some of the things we’ve been working on these last few months. Each and every one of you means a lot to us and your support and interest in our blog/store has meant the world.

We’ve taken a short break to really get some amazing projects underway and prepare new content for you!


Firstly, we just finished an entire cleaning series that we are so excited to share with you guys. There will be one post on this each week for the next few weeks. So stayed tuned for that! The very first post will go up this Thursday! We’ll be sharing a lot of helpful tips and tricks to make the cleaning process smoother and hopefully more enjoyable for you!

Additionally we’ve decided to start back up with reviewing Ipsy bags. We spent an entire year receiving and comparing Ipsy beauty bags and Birchboxes and have ultimately decided that Ipsy is the one we plan on sticking with. We’re going to have a whole post coming up to explain why we decided to choose Ipsy over Birchbox and the pros and cons of each company. We’re also going to have our review of August’s Ipsy bag; that will go up by the end of this month.

On top of those two exciting things we have a top secret project in the works that we’re hoping to be able to share with you guys by mid-September at the latest. We’ve been working really hard on this and cannot wait to share the news with you guys!

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Check out our cleaning series here!