Veterans Day!

Veterans Day holds some special meaning to our family, we are a large family and many members of the family have either served our country in the past or are currently serving. It’s very important to show your gratitude to these men and women who risk their lives to keep ours safe. So first off, from our family to you and yours: Happy Veterans Day!! And Thank You!

Because we believe in showing our thanks in every way possible- one of the things we have done is lower the prices of everything in our store until midnight November 11 (in other words, until midnight Veterans Day) we are also offering everyone who purchases something a coupon code that they can use when they do their holiday shopping!

So stop by our shop (link is in our About Us page) and buy yourself or a veteran close to you something special.

You can buy earrings

Fall decorations


Some decorations for Thanksgiving

Or some household decorations

We even have Christmas ornaments up!

And again, we are so grateful and we thank you!