St. Patrick’s Day Finds

Hey everyone! I wanted to share with you some things I recently found on Etsy while searching out St. Patrick’s day ideas. Keep in mind that all of these items are handmade and are sold through Etsy.

Before we get into the list I just want to share that these are not listed in any specific order; there are a variety of items ranging from drinkware, home decor, clothing, snacks, and jewelry so be sure to check it all out! I have a direct link to each item listing below the photo of the item- that if you’d like to purchase it or see what other awesome items these shops have you


Let’s get started!!




Tuxedo Shirt

  • Men’s Irish Green Tuxedo T-Shirt

    • Shop Name: UnTeeFeated
    • Price: $10 (varies by size)
    • These shirts are made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton. They come in a large variety of color options if you don’t want the green. There is also a large variety of sizing options: small up to 5xl.



Green Beanie

  • Green St. Patrick’s Day Beanie

    • Shop Name: StepbystepUA
    • Price: $28.50
    • This beautiful and super comfy looking beanie is crocheted from 100% cotton. If you aren’t interested in green they offer a variety of other colors as well! Ships from Ukraine.
    • Ready to ship

      Leprechaun Cookies

  • Leprechaun Chocolate Covered Oreos

    • Shop Name: DrizzledDippedDunked
    • Price: $9.95+ (varies by quantity ordered as well as how you would like them packaged (individually or in groups)
    • Oh my word these look AMAZING. If you have never had chocolate dipped oreos you need to try them- they are the best! In a order of a dozen cookies you get 4 of each decoration listed (so that would be 4 leprechauns, 4 orange and green plaid,  and 4 nonpareil sprinkled cookies) if you can also choose to order all leprechaun cookies.

      Shamrock Nail Decals

  • Shamrock Nail Decals

    • Shop Name: ElainesCrafts
    • Price: $3.95+ (varies by quantity; you can order in sets of 10 or 20)
    • How cute are these?! If you’re a lover of nail art these are perfect for you (I also need to point out how great these would make as a gift!)  They are made from strong vinyl and can by applied onto any nail polish and then covered with a top coat!

IMG_9855 (1)

  • Shamrock Bunny

    • Shop Name: Cherished Cottage
    • Price: $30.00
    • Details: 10 inches by 8 inches in size this bunny sits on his own and is made entirely from wood and painted free hand.

St Patricks Day Bingo

  • St. Patrick’s Party Bingo Game

    • Shop Name: BuyMeSomeHappiness
    • Price: $3.49
    • These are awesome ideas! I LOVE bingo (seriously, I have been known to join my grandmother and her friends at local bingo events…no shame) and if you haven’t played you’re missing out haha. These are so adorable and look like so much fun! In your order you get :2 PDF digital downloads which include 30 bingo cards. You also get instructions, a words listing, and a diagram for suggested bingo patterns.

Shamrock Leggings

  • Woman’s Shamrock Leggings

    • Shop Name: NawlinsLadyNOLA
    • Price: $18
    • So I get that LuLaRoe is all the rage right now but seriously, these are adorable, affordable, and look so comfy! You can’t go wrong! They are made from a soft polyester and spandex blend and have a yoga-type waistband. They come in two sizes: One Size Fits All which is for woman in the sizes 2-12 range and the Curvy Size which is for women in the 12-20 size range.

Blarney Stone Cookie

  • Blarney Stone Cookie

    • Shop Name: NoveltyBakeryArt
    • Price: $24
    • These cookies sound amazing *drool*. You get 6 cookies with your order and they are walnut and whiskey cookies with an irish cream glaze. AMAZING. They are 4″ by 5.5″ in size.

Shamrock Earrings

  • Shamrock Stud Earrings

    • Shop Name: AWildViolet
    • Price: $10
    • I am in love with these. How cute are they!? These are 5mm in size and feature silver butterfly closures with .925 sterling silver posts. I am so excited about how cute these look! They are just absolutely adorable!

Irish Coffee Mug

  • Good Morning Irish Coffee Mug

    • Shop Name: WinterinOlympus
    • Price: 13.50
    • Okay…every single time I look at this I smile. It’s just so cute and it makes me so happy! I personally feel that my coffee and coffee cups needs to make me happy because that’s the very first thing I do in the morning haha (I go straight to the coffee machine). This mug is an 11oz ceramic mug; it’s made to order. And…according to the listing it is the only one left so hurry hurry!

Vintage St Pattys Truck

  • St. Patricks Day Vintage Truck Shelf Sitting Sign

    • Shop Name: Cabin20Creations
    • Price: $25
    • I love vintage trucks..I’m so glad that they have been becoming more and more popular because that means I can find more cute things like this! This sign is 5.35 inches tall and 7mm wide. You can also have 4 color options for the truck! You can get it in navy, green, red, and white!

Shamrock Bracelet

  • St. Patrick’s Wish Bracelet

    • Shop Name: KidsAtHeartBeadShop
    • Price: $4.33
    • These are adorable and make perfect gifts. The bracelet comes on a card with the poem on it; it is also wrapped nicely in cellophane. The bracelet is on a cotton string that is 12+ inches in length so that you can tie the bracelet on.

Shamrock Wreath

  • St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Wreath

    • Shop Name: ElizabethandCoWreath
    • Price: $68
    • So, I don’t know about you guys but I love the look of a boxwood wreath, especially above our fireplace. Usually after Christmas our wreath rotation is between two different boxwoods until the fall. HOWEVER, this would be the PERFECT boxwood wreath for March! It is made on a grapevine wreath and is accented with artificial boxwood, baby eucalyptus, and a shamrock bow.

Vintage St Patrick's Day Banner

  • St. Patrick’s Day Vintage Garland

    • Shop Name: KimberlyKayDecor
    • Price: $17.99
    • This is so unique and so adorable! I love it! It’s made to order and is made from Victorian greeting cards that are on soft teal and green backgrounds and feature Celtic scroll work. The garland measures 6 feet in length so that you can spread out the flags however close or far apart you’d like.

Green Earrings1

  • Green Earrings

    • Shop Name: Cherished Cottage
    • Price: $15.00
    • Details: These are lightweight and bright! They are a gorgeous green and look awesome with any outfit, especially to your St. Patrick’s Day Party! They are made with hypoallergenic material and have a rubber pushback closure.







** Disclaimer: each shop owner gave me permission to use a photo of their item, some details from their description, and a link to their shop listing.

** These items are NOT guaranteed to ship by St. Patrick’s Day