Meet the “Puppies”

Our family has two members of the canine variety. They are Toby and Tucker and they are both beagles (I sometimes refer to them as Bagels which they answer to- to my delight).

beagle, beagle puppy, dog, beagle love, dog love
These boys are inseparable!

Toby is Murry’s “puppy”, he was given to her as a birthday gift from someone at our church. Lisa and Dennis often refer to Toby as the best dog we’ve ever had and I have to say I agree. He was certainly the easiest to train and his only bad behavior is getting the lid off the trash can so he can get his beagle-nose in there.

beagle, beagle puppy, dog, beagle love, dog love
Toby caught in the act- he stole his sister Cleo’s (our kitten) sock monkey when he thought I wasn’t looking!

One of my favorite Toby stories is how he got his name. He was initially named Eddie after Eddie Munster because of the markings on his head (he looked like he had Eddie Munster hair as a puppy). But my mom thought he looked like the dog from The Fox and the Hound so we named him after that dog. It wasn’t until he was maybe 2 or 3 years old that we realized “OH! The dog in that movie is named COPPER not TOBY” but by that time is was too late to change haha.
Toby is 8 years old and often affectionately referred to as Eeyore. Nothing really gets him moving, he only barks when he’s home alone and hears one of our cars pulling in or when he’s outside during a picnic (because there’s people with food that he can’t reach). We’ve had Toby since he was a real puppy and I have to say, he really never was an active dog; even as a puppy things like fetch just didn’t interest him. He was perfectly content cuddling with his family and carrying around his stuffed Rhino. When Toby was about 4 years old he was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. His Lyme primarily affects his back and leg joints. After he got sick he lost the little bit of “pep” he had and someone suggested we find him a “buddy”. After many internet searches and prayers we found Tucker (who was initially named Truman).beagle, beagle puppy, dog, beagle love, dog love

Tucker is my accidental puppy. We drove quite a ways to pick him up and once we got there my mom was so excited with holding him that she asked me to sign his AKC paperwork for her. Well, I signed my name instead of hers because I thought that’s what she meant and voila- my puppy haha. Tucker has brought out a whole new playful side of Toby. Tucker is very active and playful, he loves to go for walks and car rides with me. But Tucker is a scaredy-cat every little bump, noise, or rustle makes him either play dead or howl. He used to be afraid of speed limit signs and mail boxes so much so that when we would come upon them during a walk he’d fall over and play dead; I would have to pick him up and carry him away from them haha


beagle, beagle puppy, dog, beagle love, dog love
One of my all-time favorite Tucker photos!

Tucker means the world to me, he’s my four-legged best friend. I usually come home from work a little after 6 pm and I always find him waiting patiently for me at the door. According to Lisa and Dennis sits at the door from around 6 until I actually get home. He just waits quietly and stares at the window waiting to see or hear me. Tucker always knows when I’m upset or not feeling well; he’ll cuddle up to me or bring me a toy to cheer me up. The man that we got Tucker from warned us “he’s no hunting dog so if that’s what you’re looking for you should probably try a different dog. But if you want a family dog who loves to be held, cuddled, and petted this is the dog for you.” Boy, he couldn’t have been more right! A gun shot goes off and he’s “dead” on the floor or whimpering in a corner but no matter what time of day he’s down to cuddle and give kisses if you let him.

beagle, beagle puppy, dog, beagle love, dog love
Here’s a good example of Tucker cuddling. Our grandfather came to visit and he let Tuck crawl right up in his lap to cuddle.

There’s no question that these two boys are spoiled but that they also mean so much to our family. Check out my personal Instagram for plenty more puppy photos: LissaKaydee.