Gratitude Challenge Day 7

Today’s Gratitude Challenge is all about writing. I chose number 3 (a quote or verse that speaks to my heart) because I feel that at some point in our lives we’ve all had a quote, song lyrics, or a Bible verse that really spoke to us and help us through a difficult time.

If you’re new to the gratitude challenge you can check out the entire challenge here.
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Now, let’s get into day 7!
If you want to share your answers on social media you’re more than welcome! Use the hashtag #CCGRATITUDE and feel free to tag us!
I understand that some people would prefer not to share there answers so you can always print this page or the image below for your own use. You could also write them out in a journal!

Gratitude Challenge Day 7

  1. Something that brought joy to me today
  2. A writer from history who I’d love to meet
  3. A quote or verse that speaks to my heart
  4. Favorite book from my teens

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